Expressive Art Therapy

Expressive Art Therapy is a powerful therapeutic modality that helps you express your unconscious emotions and thoughts. It covers a wide variety of approaches including drawing, painting, dancing, music, poetry, and sandplay with miniatures.

You may feel uncomfortable doing these activtities in front of your therapist. It may be becasue you may believe that you are not good at drawing. In Expressive Art Therapy, these activities are not exams to pass but freely expressive activities to manifest your unconscious issues, emotions and thoughts. What you create may not make any sense to your therapist and even to yourself. You may not have any answers for it. That is alright.

You may imagine that Expressive Art Therapy is typically an approach for children. It is not necessarily true. It is also used for adults very often.

In sessions using Expressive Art Therapy, I typically encourage you to draw, paint or use a sandtray with miniatures. Of course, I welcome you to choose other ways such as poetry, dance, or music as you wish. You will create whatever you feel like. If you choose to use a santray, you will choose as many miniatures as you want and place them in the sandbox. After your work is completed, I normally explore what iyou have created. I may encourage you to explore your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts and regulate them tracking them very slowly (Somatic Experiencing).

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