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Energy (Chi &Prana) is invisible. That does not mean that it does not exist. Nowadays, everbody uses cell phones and electricity. Invisible signal sent to cell phones is invisible. We utilize them in life. In other words, you dont see it, but it exists and works in that way. Energy is the same. It does exist and it influences our invisibly, let alone our physical and psychological health and well being.
Interestingly, some physicist has concluded that there are 11 dimensions, based on very complex formula in physics. I really believe that energy system belongs to one of the dimensions. It is wating to be proven in the future.

Pranic Healing® is a no- touch energy healing modality developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Prana means life-force (invisible bio-energy or vital energy) in Sanskrit equivalent to Qi ( Qi Gong), and Ki ( Aikido). Pranic Healing utilizes the principles that the body is able to heal itself. Pranic Healing helps accelerate the healing process by rebalancing physical and emotional components of energy life force. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has built a cook book approach in which he has conducted tons of research and experiments on each specific physical emotional ailment with clairvoyance. Pranic Healing utilizes 11 major chakras which influence the important functions of the body and mind, and other minor & mini chakras, all of which are equivalent to each acupuncture points. The cook book covers a numbers of physical and psychological symptoms from minor ailments and severe symptoms.
A pranic healer cleanses negative energy out of chakras by scraping it with an energy glove on the hands without touching your body. After removing it completely, the healer energizes those cleansed chakras with fresh energy coming down from external life force in nature (air, earth, Sun, and divine energy).

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Pranic Psychotherapy

Pranic psychotherapy is an advanced technique of Pranic healing. It focuses more on removing negative emotions, thoughts and other negative components that contribute to your psychological ailments from chakras. Each chakra takes on a particular emotional and psychological energy. Removing negative emotional and psychological energy from chakra helps your mental stability.

Pranic Psychotherapy works well on a variety of psychological symptoms including daily stress, irritability, anger, anxiety, grief, hysteria, sexual impotence, depression, paranoia, addiction (smoking, alcohol and drug), phobia, trauma, obsessions and compulsions, and ADHD.

The follwoing lists are physical ailments and symptoms that Pranic Healing covers.

Cold, Fever, Bleeding, Tooth, Bleeding, Muscle, Bone, Injury, Arm and legs

Back injury

Bleeding (Stop bleeding)

Broken Bones,

Bites (Insect and Bug bites)

Cold, Cough,



Cuts and inflame wounds

Difficulty in Raising the Arm Headache, Migraine,

Fever Nose Bleeding,

Loss of Smell

Muscle pain and

Muscle Cramps

Poor Appetite

Relieving tiredness


Strengthen the legs and arms,

Stuffy nose,

Tooth (Toothache, Pyorrhea)

Weakness of the body Wounds (Old wounds, new wounds)

Burns Minor Burns


Surgery (minor and major surgeries and before and after surgery)

Reduce bleeding, minimize of infection, accelerate the rate of recovery, and strengthen the body.

Immunity and defense system

Blood (Purifying the blood)

Bone marrow (Strengthening bone marrow)

Eye and Ear infections

Infection and inflammation (minor and severe)

Immunity and defense system (Enhancing the immunity and defense system)

Spleen (Strengthening Spleen)

Thymus (Strengthening Thymus9

Respiratory infections

Gastrointestinal infections

Liver infections

Urinary infections

Eyes and Ears




Eyestrain Farsightedness



Glued ear

Infections (Outer ear infections, Middle and inner ear infections, Eye infections)


Nerve deafness,

Noise in the ear or tinnitus, ,


ruptured eardrum,

Red eyes (Chronic red eyes)

Sore Eyes

Sore throat

Tired Eyes




Skin Disorders






Skin Allergy,

Thinning Hair

Heart and Circulatory Ailments



Congenital Heart Ailment

Cholesterol (High Cholesterol)

Enlarged Heart Heart Block (Partial Heart Block)



Irregular Heartbeat, Cardiac Arrhythmias

Inflammation of the Heart or Rheumatic Heart


Varicose vein

Respiratory Ailments


Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic Cough


Lung Infections (Bronchitis, and Pneumonia),

Gastrointestinal Ailments

Difficulty in Swallowing

Vomitting and Diarrhea


Abdominal pain


Gastrointestinal Ulcer



High Cholesterol

Gastrointestinal Infections

Acute Apendicitis

Acute Pancreatitis



Chronic Appendicitis p 178 basic (intermediate)

Diarrhea p 106 basic(Elementary)

Dysmenorrhea p109 basic (Elementary)

Stomach Pain and Gas pain p 105 basic (Elementary)

Food poisoning

Urinary Ailments

Infectictions of the Urinary Tube and Bladder

Infection and inflammation of the Kidney

Kidney Stones

Stimulating Urination

Regenerating the Kidney

Frequent Urination


Urinary Tract InfectionKidney and Bladder Infections

Reproductive Ailments

Sexual Impotence

Irregular Menstruation or absence of menstruation p111basic (Elementary)

Enlarged Prostate

Endocrine ailments

(diabetes due to the Body’s inability to make use of insulin, Pancreatic Diabetes due to insufficient insulin, Hyperthyroidism, Ailments of the Endocrine Glands)

Skeletal and Muscular Disorders

(Lower Back Pain, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Inflammation of the Muscles and Tendons, Stiff neck, Painful shoulder, Gout, Sports injuries, Muscle cramps, Bursitis, Strain, Sprain, Hernia, Torn tendons, Dislocation)

Blood Disorders

Anemia, Acute Allergy, Autoimmune Ailment, Leukemia)

Brain and Nervous system

(Bell’s Palsy, Facial Tics, Numbness, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Encephalitis and Meningitis, Mental Retardation)


(Benign Tumors)


(Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Liver Cancer, Colon Cancer, Brain Cancer, Eye Cancer)

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