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Both body and mind remember negative experiences that occurred in the past. Your psychological issues are manifesed and your core belief about yourself is built internally based on what you have experienced in life. 

 I will assist you to enhance your innate ability, utilizing various therapeutic modalities and theories including Neurology to break patterns of your issues, utilizing cognitive, nervous and energetic methods, 
For instance, you have had a car accident before. You feel anxious whenever you see cars on the street. This means that the car accident is associated with the anxiety. I will help disconnect the anxiety from the car accident while rebuilding positive experiences in you. You will gradually re-associate the car accident with the positive experiences and transform the old pattern between the car accident and the anxiety.

I utilize Somatic Experiencing that helps you reduce the intensity of anxiety, Trauma, Panic Attacks, and dissociation. It helps separate emotions, thoughts and physical sensations from triggers that cause these symptoms. It breaks these patterns by regulating nervous system (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System) within the normal range

I provide an EMDR session to reduce the intensity of trauma, panic attacks, anxiety that may originate from the past experiences or incidents. EMDR accesses to the brain and re-balances both sides of the brain with bilateral movement which is eye movement or bilateral tapping on the laps.

I offer psychotherapy for

Individual Therapy for adults and Children,
Couple's Counseling,
and Family Therapy
in English and Japanese.

I specialize in

addiction (Substance Dependence),
anxiety, Social anxiety,
cross-cultural issues,
eating disorder,
panic attacks,
and trauma (PTSD).

In sessions, I utilize the follwoing therpeutic modalities:
-Somatic Experiencing
-Pranic Healing
-Motivational Interviewing
-Behavioral Therapy
-Expressive Art Therapy (Drawing, Painting, Dancing, Poetry, Sand Tray)
Hakomi Therapy (Body Centered Mindful Therapy)
-Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping meridian points)

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