Treatment for Substance Dependence

Treatment for substance dependence takes a long time and needs a lot of efforts to stay clean and sober.

Substance includes Alcohol, Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Methamphetamine, Speed, Marijuana, MDMD and others.

Depending on your openness for treatment, I basicallyhetamin provide combination of basic counseling with Pranic Psychotherapy for substance dependence.

I normally encourage you to build life structure, coping skills, select people who can support you, and disocver triggers for drugs such as money, people, places, so on. I also assist you to build awareness of positive aspects of life without using any drugs as well as of negative consequences of using drugs in terms of finance, physical health, mental health, and relationships,

You may discover that you start to use drugs to control your emotional disturbance to handle life issues, relationships and so on. Or you may discover your drug use drives from painful emotional expereinces and/ or trauma. In these cases, I will assist you to reduce the intensity of emotional disturbance and trauma.

Simultaneously, I offer you Pranic Psychotherapy that removes negative energy that triggers your desire to use drugs.

Your goal varies depending on your belief. You may believe abstinence or harm reduction.

If the level of substance dependence is severe, I may encourage you to contact an inpatient drug treatment center.

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